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Product Name: Viasil

Product Description: Viasil is a male enhancement supplement that can help you to treat your erectile dysfunction. It delivers an almost instant effect, which means you just take your capsules when you need them. Now Viasil comes with an instant erection gel on select packages.

Brand: Swis Research Labs

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  • Effectiveness - 8/10
  • Giving you better erections - 9/10
  • Increase sex drive, libido, and stamina - 8/10
  • Reputation of the company - 9/10
  • Safety - 9/10
  • Price - 6/10


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  • Potential able to treat ED
  • Unique composition
  • Proven ingredients
  • All Natural
  • Improved erections
  • Better sex drive
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Available worldwide


  • No evaluation from the FDA
  • Not as effective as Viagra

Viasil! does that mean that there finally is a solution to treat your erectile dysfunction issues without getting a prescription?

Does it also mean that you no longer have to make those “heavy steps” going your doctor’s office, asking him that embarrassing question

“eh Doc, I have a problem with my erections, do you have something that can help me?”

Yep, the long-awaited Viasil is here. A solution that can help you treat your ED without using heavy prescription drugs like Viagra or similar.

But the question is, of course, does it work? Are you with Viasil getting a solution to treat ED where you no longer have to risk severe side effects? A solution where you no longer have to look deep into the eyes of your doctor?

With this Viasil review, we are going to make it a lot easier for you. You are going to learn everything about this male enhancement supplement: the benefits, how it works, and a closer look at the ingredients. Finally, we will give it our final verdict, so you better can decide if Viasil is for you.

What You Are Getting With Viasil

With Viasil, you are going to get a dual-action system that both will take care of your sex drive, libido, and stamina. You will understand that the extra level of energy to increase the quality of your sex life.

At the same time, Viasil will work to improve your blood flow, making it easier to get and maintain erections.

Viasil will do it almost as effectively as prescription drugs like Viagra. But, the good news is, it is without the use of chemicals and potential side effects.

It is possible, thanks to Viasil’s unique proprietary blend Actiful, which we will discuss later in our Viasil review.

Get The Viasil Instant Erection Gel On Select Packages

Viasial iinstant erection gel

The makers of Viasil have upgraded their packages so you will get much more for your hard-earned money.

On select packages of Viasil, you will now receive an instant erection gel that will give you fast-acting results, add some thickness to your erections, and make your sexual act much more enjoyable.

Remember, the get will not stick or stink for that matter.

The Benefits

So what are the benefits you are going to get from using Viasil?

Let’s have a quick look at exactly what this ED supplement can help you with according to the maker.

  • On the fly and almost instantly treat erectile dysfunction
  • Similar to Viagra but safer to use
  • Much harder erections that will last longer
  • All-natural ingredients that are backed by science
  • Will work within 30-minutes
  • A Major boost of your libido, stamina, and sexual health
  • You will be able to last much longer in bed.
  • Most Important! No prescription needed

What Is Viasil Male Potency Formula

Boxes of Viasil

In the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of male enhancement supplements on the market. Some with great success and other more limited. What most of them haven’t been able to do was to give you an almost instant effect when you want to treat your erectile dysfunction (ED)

With Viasil, things are going to be different. No longer will you have to take capsules for a couple of months, for then maybe to get some results. No longer do you have to remember to bring your daily pills, for later perhaps to get some results.

Here, you take a capsule around 30 minutes before you are going to get some action. And the good news is, you don’t need a prescription to get Viasil.

Erectile Dysfunction Sucks

ED sucks! It is frustrating and completely tears apart our self-esteem; it is like 90% of our confidence lies in our ability to get an erection and perform. It really shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

Until now, suffering from ED meant you would have to go to a doctor and get a prescription for some Viagra or similar. However, that also means that you will risk severe side effects and feeling kind of blurring.

On top of that, what you may not know is that the more you take Viagra, the higher the chance is there that it will start to lose its effects. Imagine being in a situation where Viagra no longer works?

One Big Truth

Let’s get one big truth on the table to put things in perspective.

Often, it is overkill getting started using a prescription drug like Viagra. Doing less is often more than enough to get rid of your erectile dysfunction. But because 90% of our confidence lies in our penis, we tend to believe that we need doctors and super-powered drugs to solve our ED issues.

Often a supplement like Viasil and perhaps a healthier diet will be more than enough to solve our erectile dysfunction issues. At least try it out before you start to involve doctors in your life.

How Viasil Works

The way Viasil works is pretty cool. Believe it or not, but it does more than Viagra.

Viasil comes with a dual-action system that will help you to solve two of your most significant issues.


First, you will improve your blood flow going to the Corpus Cavernosal area of your penis.


Second, you will experience a significant boost in your sex drive, libido, and stamina. Also, your testosterone levels will peak.

Giving Your Bigger, Better and Firmer Erections

I just mentioned it before! In your penis, you have three cylinders in two different areas called Corpus cavernosum and Corpus spongiosum.

These areas hold your blood during an erection, and the better you are to push blood to these areas and hold it there, the better erections you are going to get. So when Viasil helps to improve your blood flow, the quality of your erections will go up.

Isn’t It Dangerous To Increase Your Blood Flow?

It is important to stress out that this is not the same as having high blood pressure. With the Viasil approach, you are merely raising your nitric oxide levels (No2). In return, they will expand your blood vessels and relax the inner walls.

It is an approach that is entirely safe to do. You can compare it to when you are lifting weights in the gym. You increase your blood flow to get a better muscle pump.

Boost Your Sex Drive And Stamina

Now you finally got your erections! So what is next?

Now it is about making good use of your erections. Doing so means being able to perform for as much time is needed without going flat too fast.

You see, solving your erectile dysfunction issues is much more than just improving your erections. It is also about solving problems with your staying power, levels of energy, libido, and stamina. Viasil will give you ingredients that will do just that.

Also, you will improve both your levels of testosterone and the quality of your semen. So you better watch out.

Remember, it is not only about being able to satisfy another person but that you also get satisfied.

Overruling The Psychological Factors

ED is often caused by psychological factors that trick our brain in such a way that we no longer can get an erection. But, when you boost your drive using Viasil, it will become much more comfortable to overrule these psychological factors. It means nothing will get in your way of getting an erection and maintain it.

What Makes Viasil Unique?

A good male enhancement supplement always got to have something that makes it unique. Something that makes it worth investing your time and money in it.

With Viasil, it is with no doubt the proprietary blend Actiful. It consists of the ingredients Citrus Sinensis and Pomegranate that combined with taking your blood flow to a whole new level.

At the same time, your anaerobic and aerobic levels will go up, giving you much better performance, libido, and stamina.

We will get back to the ingredients Citrus Sinensis and Pomegranate shortly in this article.

Let’s have a look at some of the other ingredients.

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Viasil Ingredients


So what is under the hood on this powerful male potency formula? Let’s have a quick look!

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is the most popular all-natural testosterone booster there is. Bodybuilders and weight lifters have been using it since the 80ties where sports were closely connected with the cold war era.

It raises your testosterone levels naturally by improving your testicle’s ability to produce this hormone.

From Tribulus Terrestris, you can expect a rise of not only testosterone, but also sex drive, libido, and stamina.

Horny Goat Weed

Yeah, I know the name sounds kinky. However, it is one of the more popular ingredients when it comes to male health and enhancement. With Horny Goat Weed, you are getting an ingredient that functions in very similar ways to Viagra.

With its levels of Icariin, you will be able to inhibit the standards of the so-called PDE5. It will improve the passage for your blood to flow freely to your penis.

As a bonus, Horny Goat Weed will also help increase testosterone and give you better orgasms.


Here is a mineral that often is overlooked. You get it from your food, but usually not enough to make a difference speaking of male health.

Zinc is an essential compound in both testosterone and semen, and getting an extra dose of it will benefit the production of both.

Also, it will tend to thicken your semen, which can give you more powerful orgasms.

Ginkgo Biloba

Better nitric oxide levels mean an expansion of blood vessels going to your penis. Also, higher levels will soften the inner walls of your blood vessels so you will get a better pump.

Here Ginkgo Biloba is a powerful ingredient. It will give you better blood flow to the Corpus cavernosum area of your penis, meaning better erections.

At the same time, Ginkgo Biloba will also act as an antioxidant cleaning out toxins, waste products, and free radicals. All issues that can make it difficult to get erections.

Red Ginseng

Here is an all-round ingredient that will help you with everything from levels of testosterone to levels of concentration.

It is one of these ingredients that you should have right next to your vitamins.

Journal of Urology recently did a study where 45 men suffering from ED took Panax Ginseng. They got 900 mg daily for eight weeks. 60% of the men who did the test said afterward that they had gotten significant improvements from Panax Ginseng.


Pomegranate is the ingredient that makes up half of the proprietary blend Actiful, which makes Viasil unique and worth a try.

According to scientific tests and studies, it is an ingredient that will improve blood flow and give you better erections and staying power.

When you then combine it with Citrus Sinensis, you are going to have something interesting powerful to help you treat your ED.

Pomegranate is also known as being a powerful antioxidant. It can help you get rid of toxins flowing in your body.

Citrus Sinensis

With Citrus Sinensis, you are getting the other part of the Actiful blend. It is the part that will improve your libido, stamina, and power up your sex drive.

It merely works by not only increasing your aerobic but also your anaerobic energy levels.

Keep in mind, to be able to perform sexually, and also when you, for example, are working out? You are dealing with two different forms of energy.

The long-lasting aerobic energy, which requires oxygen to function. And the short-lasting, which only can last shortly, but doesn’t require oxygen.

The better both forms of energy are, the better it will be to treat your erectile dysfunction.

Viasil Side Effects Is It Safe To Use?

All the ingredients you are getting using Viasil are safe to use. They will not cause any side effects what so ever.

When it comes to side effects, Viasil is an excellent alternative to Viagra, which does come with severe side effects that even can cause heart issues.

How To Take Viasil

What is cool about Viasil, is that you don’t have to remember to take it daily. You don’t have to swallow these dreaded big sized capsules together with your breakfast/

Using Viasil, all you got to do is to take a pill at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, and you will be ready.

If you have the instant erection gel, you can see results even faster.

If you are on a date, and it is difficult to time when it is about to happen, then taking your capsule an hour or two before, is OK too.

Keep in mind that each box of Viasil comes with 30 capsules.

The Best Way To Use Viasil

The best way to use Viasil is just to have the capsules with you when you know there is a chance to get laid.

When things are heating up, you just take a moment in the bathroom, take your capsules, and return into action.

Viasil Testimonials

Viasil is increasing in popularity, and it is going fast.

Let’s have a look at what some of the users of Viasil have to say about their experience.

Gary Fletcher Viasil Testimonial

“I never thought erectile dysfunction would affect me, but once I hit my 50s I noticed a change. I struggled to keep it up and when I did, my endurance just wasn’t as good. Viasil has made a real difference to my performance. I may not be in my 20s anymore But I no longer have a problem staying hard.”

Gary Fletcher


Michael Greens experience

“My energy had started to flag a lot over the years, and it reflected in the bedroom. My partner understood, but it was crushing to see her disappointment. I have been taking Viasil for the last two months, and the difference is noticeable. I’m more energetic, focused, and have no problem holding out until she is satisfied. It has re-ignited our relationship.”

Michael Green

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Viasil Review Summary

There is no doubt that a prescription drug like Viagra will be more effective. Especially viewed in the light on the billions of dollars they have spent on developing this drug.

But it does require a doctor, a prescription, and the willingness to risk severe side effects.

Remember what I said at the beginning of this article? Often doing less will be just as effective! It is only because 90% of a man’s confidence lies in his ability to get an erection and to perform, that makes you believe you need a heavy drug like Viagra.

I believe it is beautiful that there now exist another alternative, with Viasil. That you don’t have to get a prescription to solve your ED issues. At least you can try it out before turning to prescription drugs and even counseling.

So perhaps you should postpone that doctor’s appointment a little?

Does Viasil Work?

My biggest concern with Viasil is whether it can give you an almost instant effect of not?

Some of it will, without a doubt, rely on how healthy your lifestyle is. The more robust, the better results Viasil will give you.

It is important to stress out; there are plenty of scientific studies available that supports many of the claims made by Viasil.

Many of the ingredients you are getting can make a difference in your overall sexual male health.

And the blend Actiful? Numerous studies are supporting the claims of the ingredients Pomegranate and Citrus Sinensis as well.

What About Viasil Vs. Viagra?

Remember, Viagra is not a solution to your erectile dysfunction issues. All it does is giving you better erections so you can use that boost to regain your sexual confidence and then (maybe) get erections all by yourself.

Viasil does the same, but without you having to visit a doctor to get the prescription, and without risking severe side effects.

On top of that, one big issue many guys are experiencing when using Viagra is that they have to keep increasing the dose to get the effects.

Use Viasil Not As A Single Solution But Part Of A Solution

If you want to cure your erectile dysfunction, I believe the best you can do is to have Viasil at hand, ready for you to use if you feel you need it. Just having the backup available is often enough to solve the issue.

At the same time, you should improve your lifestyle, get started working out, and eat healthily.

When you combine all this with Viasil, you will have a powerful solution to your erectile dysfunction that can last for a lifetime.

Viasil when you want to avoid embarrassing situations

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How To Get Started And Buy Viasil

Viasil is available on its official website. Here you will have access to significant savings and the best customer support, guys that know what they are talking about.

Where Can I Buy Viasil?

Viasil is only available from its official website. It will give you access to qualified customer support in case you have some questions. Trust me; it is much better than talking with some 3rd part customer support sitting in Asia.

Buying Viasil In A Store Near You

You cannot buy Viasil and any stores like Walmart, GNC, or similar in your area. If you could, the prices would go sky-high.

Buying Viasil Online

The online place you can buy Viasil online is at its official website. You will not find it at Amazon, eBay, or similar sites in your area.

Do I Receive My Viasil Package Discreetly?

Yes, no worry, your purchase is a secret between you and Viasil. Your neighborhood will never know.

Are They Any Discounts When Buying Viasil?

Yes, the bigger the package, the higher the discounts. Also, look for a daily discount code on their website.

Can I Get A Refund If I Regret My Purchase?

When buying Viasil, you will get a 100-day money-back guarantee.

What Are The Shipping Costs?

Viasil offers free shipping worldwide and promises fast delivery. If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom, you will receive your package within 24 to 48 hours after you made the order.

Getting Started

Keep in mind that Viasil has fulfillment centers in both the US and in Europe. So, you should receive your Viasil package pretty soon after you made your order.

To get started with your Viasil adventure, click on the link below.

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how to buy Viasil and get started

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